There are many online software tools that will allow you to check your current rankings across major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Most people in SEO will have their own ways to obtain ranking data for a selection of keywords to be monitored over the duration of an SEO campaign.

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Healthline have partnered with GE to launch 3D "BodyMaps" - a web based human body visualization tool that enables health information consumers to understand more about human anatomy.

This new tool is similar to Google's Body, but whereas the latter is more of a technology demonstration, Healthline BodyMaps is created to be more of an information resource. Paired with Healthline's database of
Google announced via its new official Search Blog that it is rolling out Social Search around the globe. This comes just days after Bing upped the ante in the social search game by integrating Facebook data in much more elaborate ways. Google’s social search, however, may prove useful in some cases, but you may see more content from strangers than you do from your real friends...
Shares of LinkedIn soared to more than double their offering price in the company’s IPO on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday morning.

LinkedIn began trading around 10:00 a.m. ET under the symbol LNKD and quickly surged to above $90 per share. The company had priced its shares at $45 each on Wednesday ahead of the IPO, and the move significantly higher now values the company at more than $8
eYeka, a crowdsourcing company that specializes in "online co-creation" of products, has published some intriguing concepts for future smartphones. eYeka's community came up with the following list of requirements for a next generation smartphone: a minimalistic, non-complicated design; more features (which may clash with the previous requirement); a design which feels like an extension of the hu
What would happen if you gave your customers the keys to your corporate social media channels? This article reviews the rewards and the risks marketers face as they decide how much brand control they’re willing to give up...
Twitter announced that it is making a couple of changes to how users control the third-party apps that they use with the service. The initiative they’re dubbing “Mission: Permission” centers around the concepts of more control for users and a more detailed permissions screen...
Having incorrect or private URLs show up in a Google search result can be a pain. Trying to remove them is no party, either. Google has now made it a bit easier for Webmasters to remove URLs from the Google index.

The Webmaster Central team announced an update to the Remove URL tool today.